NEW Calibration for Silverado Boosts Torque by 10%

By TeamSCT on   6/28/2016

You’ve put a lot of effort into making your new Silverado® a reflection of who you are and how you live. With SCT’s new powertrain calibration for the 5.3-liter 2016 Silverado, you can make sure that your truck delivers on its promise when you’re putting it through the paces. Get your Silverado ready for anything, whether it’s testing your towing capacity, tackling tough terrain, or opening up the throttle out on the open road.


Make Model Year Engine Size X4 #: LivewireTS+ #:
CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2016 5.3L 7416 5416P


Along with Chevy’s latest transmission upgrades, SCT’s preloaded and custom tunes help realize even more torque from your powertrain–even when you’re carrying a heavy payload.

Whether you choose the customizable gauges and touch screen of the LivewireTS+ or the ease of use and sleek, handheld design of the X4, the Silverado calibration has been proven to increase horsepower and torque by nearly 10 percent. 

SCT® tuners access your vehicle’s engine control module using a handheld programmer. Preloaded and custom tunes adjust key parameters like throttle response, idle RPM and shift firmness that drive power and performance. Installation is easy– within 20 minutes, you can be tracking performance data, toggling between tunes, and seeing real-world results.


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