Our NEW 2017 Mustang Calibration Gives You More Giddy-Up

By TeamSCT on   7/15/2016

Mustang faithful go with the pony so they never have to make excuses for disappointing performance. Whether you’re lining up at the track, cornering in slippery weather, or heading out for a long trek on the open highway, you don’t let conditions dictate results.

So why limit yourself to the confines of Mustang’s stock tuning? If unbridled power and performance is on the top of your wish list,
SCT® and its network of tuning dealers have you covered. 

Your local SCT dealer is now offering custom tuning for the 2017 Mustang, so you can make sure your vehicle delivers on all your unique driving needs. Run custom tunes on one of two SCT models, based on your driving style. The LivewireTS+ features customizable gauges and a touch screen for the hands-on, data hungry driver. For the no-nonsense crowd,  the X4 offers ease of use and a sleek, handheld design.


New Applications Added

SCT® is pleased to announce new applications for the X4 (Part #7015) and LivewireTS+ (Part #5015P.) These new applications cover Ford® Mustang vehicles, model year 2017*.

*Please note these model year applications are in addition to existing product applications.





       Engine Size

  Part No.




2.3L Ecoboost, 3.7L & 5.0L

 7015 &  5015P  


SCT tuners use a handheld programmer to access your vehicle’s engine control module via the OBDII port, where they adjust key performance parameters like throttle response, shift firmness and traction control to pull even more horsepower and torque from Mustang’s powertrain. 

Installation is quick and easy, so in less than 20 minutes, you’ll be tracking performance data, toggling through custom tunes, and seeing real-world results.