2018 Mustang Custom Tuning Support on SCT BDX!

By Tyler Bedle on   11/14/2017

SCT now supports the 2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 with custom tuning capability on the BDX Performance Programmer! Users can now purchase custom tunes through our SCT Custom Tuning Dealer network to optimize the driving experience­ both on the street and the track.


The new BDX Performance Programmer takes the driving experience to the next level. Since its release, the BDX’s advanced tuning technology has taken the aftermarket industry by storm. WiFi capability means no messy wires or wasting time connecting to a computer. With cloud-tune delivery, customers can simply connect the BDX to a WiFi connection to grab the latest tune files–right from the cloud. The BDX programmer includes push-button selection of SCT-developed tuning levels and a wide variety of customizable parameters (PIDs). A crisp full-color screen and high-resolution customizable gauges help customers keep performance parameters in full view.

The BDX Performance Programmer (Part Number #40490) supports some of the most popular vehicles on the road today, and our team is always working to expand vehicle support.

Unlock max performance from your ride with the SCT BDX Performance Programmer. Learn more and get it now at