Dealer Spotlight | Herrod Performance

By TeamSCT on   2/6/2017

Opening in 1975, Rob Herrod’s Melbourne-based Herrod Performance (formerly Herrod Motorsport) is known for their high-performance work & tuning on Australian specific Ford vehicles. With the release of the new S550 Mustang down under, they have shifted gears to focus on the new S550 pony cars.



“We have always been a huge supporter and user of SCT’s tuning products & software. We have over 300 dealers that rely on SCT’s products and we provide training & tech support to all of them here in Australia.” said Rob Herrod - owner of Herrod Performance.

“There isn’t a more complete tuning solution out there. SCT’s hardware, software and dealer support is simply the best in the industry” he continued.


In addition to custom tuning, Herrod Performance offers ADR emissions compliant performance packages for the "new to Australia" - 2016-2017 Ford Mustangs. These packages (Ford Racing Supercharger kit, High Flow Exhaust and emissions compliant tuning) boost the horsepower to an impressive 670HP and torque to 540ft-lbs, while being 100% emissions compliant.


“Unlike other countries, here in Australia we have very strict environmental / emissions laws. You simply can’t add a supercharger or other modifications to your vehicle without it getting you in trouble with the government and your insurance company.” Rob Herrod explained.

“We worked closely with our suppliers and the Australian authorities to offer our new performance packages. They have been tested and approved by the government and are 100% ADR emissions compliant, so our customers can enjoy more power & performance without legal issues with the authorities.” 

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