Dealer Spotlight | Innovative

By TeamSCT on   9/22/2016

This month's Dealer Spotlight features Innovative Diesel with locations in Maryland and Florida.


"We think of our customers when choosing our tuning platform, which is why we use SCT. Excellent service, reliable product, and great customer support."

-Eric Eldreth (Owner, Innovative Diesel) 

Dealer Profile: 

While going to college for Computer Engineering, Eric started tuning gas cars in his spare time, mainly Mustangs. This was in the early ‘90s when tuning was not as advanced as it is today.  He migrated over to diesel around 2003 and started Innovative Diesel Performance in 2004. That's around the time he teamed up with SCT as one of our very first dealers. Not only does he provide custom tuning for customers, but he also trains others in the tuning business on software and the art of tuning.

It's because of the enjoyment and challenge that tuning vehicles brings that ID Motorsports spends their fair share of time keeping up with the increased technology in both gas and diesel. Eric Eldreth opened their Maryland location a few years ago and has since added another calibrator and business partner in the gas business. Matt Alderman runs their gas tuning shop right outside of Daytona Beach, Florida. This addition has been a much needed help and has allowed them to expand their offerings in the market.  


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