SCT welcomes Mike Rousch

By TeamSCT on   8/11/2016

Mike Rousch joined Mid Atlantic Performance over 20 years ago and his love for going fast was strong enough to propel his company to where it is today. Throughout his career, he has been able to meet many people along the way who share the same passion and excitement for racing. Mike has competed in just about every form of Motorsports Racing out there and has recently ventured into Road Racing- he's been having a blast.

He runs the American Iron series through NASA (National Auto Sports Association) in the Mid Atlantic Region and has been able to rack up a few wins in a short amount of time! In the future, he acquires to become a Regional and National Champion, then potentially move to the Trans Am series. Mike Rousch is a competitive player at any track he attends and has SCT supporting him every step of the way.


"Since I have been a custom calibrator for over 20 years now and Mid Atlantic Performance is one of the biggest email calibrators for the 11+ Coyote platforms, I need to be able to spend the most time with my customers and the least amount of time getting hardware to work. Since day one, SCT Peformance has provided me with the necessary tools to get the job done. They also provide my customers with topnotch technical support and treat my customers like their own. SCT continues to grow and work together with their dealers to enhance their product line. I am proud to be supported by SCT, they're without a doubt the number one tuning platform in the world." -Mike Rousch


Tuned with an SCT X4, the above 07 Mustang GT has a new style 5.0 (Coyote) motor in it and the new style MT82 transmission. Although horsepower is limited to 375 in his race class, uncapped it makes 440HP! The modifications include a Boss Intake Manifold, JLT Cold air intake, Pypes long tube headers, and it runs on E85 fuel. 

Be sure to follow Mike Rousch throughout the 2016 race season and show your support by visiting his website and Facebook page