X4 or Livewire TS+ | Which one is right for you?

By TeamSCT on   8/25/2016


Both programmers allow you to adjust for bolt-on mods, read and clear DTC codes; and you’ll get preloaded Dyno Proven tune files and space for up to 10 custom tunes. Not to mention, both Livewire TS+ and X4 have analog inputs to monitor EGT temps, air fuel ratio and other sensor data, and built-in WiFi for downloading updates.



There are several factors that separate the two products, answer the five key questions below for assistance with choosing the tuner that best suits your unique driving needs.


Do you prefer handheld or dash-mounted devices?

The X4 features a convenient handheld design with an easy-to-read screen whereas Livewire TS+ offers a full-color screen, adjustable gauge layouts and custom themes, meant to be mounted where the driver can easily read its performance gauges.


Would you rather tune and go, or switch on the fly?

The X4 makes it easy to toggle through tunes before you hit the road or track. But if you want to keep a close eye on performance data and switch tunes while driving, the Livewire TS+ is more suited to your needs.


How important is faster data logging versus more storage space?

X4 includes a USB interface cable and LiveLink data logging software to log all performance data to a high-capacity laptop or PC. The Livewire TS+ displays and logs data on the device itself for faster and easier data logging.


Better safety feature: distraction-free driving or rearview safety camera?

The X4 appeals to drivers who don’t want to be distracted by another set of gauges while they’re on the road. On the other hand, the key safety feature of the Livewire TS+ is a rear-view camera input, so you can have a back-up camera show up right on the device.


Are you a competitive type that wants to be able to throw big numbers around?

Both X4 and Livewire TS+ will help your vehicle perform at the highest level. But Livewire TS+, with its built-in performance calculator, will also give you the horsepower, torque, 0-60 and quarter-mile numbers you’ll need to let ‘em know what you’re capable of at the track.


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