Derive Systems, Inc.

Pricing, Ordering and Returns Policy

The following describes generally the policies and procedures that apply to your orders (“Orders”) for Derive merchandise and services placed on this Site. Additional product-specific policies, procedures and related materials (“Product-Specific Materials”) are located and and should be reviewed prior to placing any Order. By pricing, ordering and placing an Order on this Site, you indicate that you have read and agree to this Pricing, Ordering and Returns Policy, the Product-Specific Materials and to Derive’s Website Terms of Use.


THEORY. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or exclusions or limitations on the duration of implied warranties or conditions, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


Quantities and Prices May Change. Prices and quantities for merchandise on this Site are subject to change without notice. Any changes in prices or quantity will be effective immediately and reflected on this Site, so you should refresh your browser to make sure you are viewing the most current version of our site. You should also confirm the quantity and price of each item in your Shopping Cart prior to placing your Order. Sales of merchandise and services are subject to availability of such merchandise and services. Please check this Site for the  current list of authorized Derive dealers to ensure that you purchase services and merchandise from a reputable source.

Order Policy; Fees. Please ensure, prior to placing your Order, that your Shopping Cart Order (and prices) has been carefully checked for accuracy. If you find an error in your shipping information, please call us as soon as possible to get this information corrected. If you place your Order by phone, we will repeat your Order to you before placing the Order. For all Orders shipping domestically, unless otherwise reflected in your Shopping Cart, the cut-off time for same-day shipping is 1:00 p.m. EST for SCT branded merchandise, and 1:00 p.m. MST for Bully Dog branded merchandise.

Changes/Cancellations of Orders. We try to fill and ship Orders for Derive  merchandise as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours). As a result, it is difficult for us to modify or cancel an Order once you place it. If you have placed an Order and you need to  modify or cancel it, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, calling us or sending us a notice that your Order needs to be changed or cancelled does not guarantee that we will be able to honor your request, as the Order may have already been processed. If you  need to cancel or change an Order, please contact us via phone (for SCT branded merchandise:(407) 774-2447; for Bully Dog branded merchandise: (940) 783-9915) or email ( as soon as possible with the details of the Order, and we can then confirm if we are able to cancel or modify your Order. If we are not able to modify or cancel your Order, you can refuse the package at time of delivery, but you will still be responsible for  all shipping charges for that merchandise. A refund of your purchase price, less the original shipping costs, will be issued for such returned merchandise when it is returned to Derive’s Technical Support Department undamaged and unused in its original, unopened packaging.

Payment Information

Online Orders. Payment for Orders submitted through this Site can be made by any major credit or debit card. Please ensure you have the appropriate funds or credit available in your account before placing your Order, as you will not be able to submit an Order if your credit/debit card is declined.

Phone Orders. Payment for merchandise Orders placed over the phone can be made by any major credit or debit card. We will not process your payment until your Order is ready for shipment.  Please ensure you have the appropriate funds or credit available in your account  before placing your Order, as we will not be able to process your Order if your credit/debit card is declined. We will attempt to contact you if the credit/debit card is declined, first by phone, and in the event we are unable to contact you by phone, we will email you at the email address you provided. We will put your Order on hold while we wait for you to respond and provide new payment information, but after one (1) week, if you have failed to provide new payment information, your Order will be cancelled.  You can also pay for phone Orders by cashier’s  check or money order payable to “Derive Systems, Inc.” and mailed to the address provided to you over the phone or on your emailed Order confirmation. We are not able to accept payment  by personal or business check. We will not process your Order until the funds have been deposited and are available.  At that time, your Order will be processed and shipped.

Insufficient Funds/Closed Accounts. If we do not receive payments in good funds  when they are due, or if any such payments are returned for lack of available funds, then you agree to pay all amounts owed to Derive upon our demand, along with any costs or charges assessed against us by our financial institution for such returned payment. If we are unable to collect amounts owed by you, we may refer those accounts to a collection agency, and you will be responsible for all costs of collection.

Sales Tax. Merchandise shipped to, and services provided to residents of, states in which Derive has a physical presence, including California, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas, will be subject to the state tax laws of those states.  The amount of the applicable sales tax will  be reflected in your Order upon checkout and added to the amount due for your Order, but prior to your submitting your Order. Please note that various state laws may require purchasers of merchandise or services on-line may still be subject to state tax, and you are responsible for the payment of all such state taxes even if such taxes are not reflected in your Order. Derive will not refund any sales tax to you for your purchases of merchandise on this Site.


Returns/Repairs of Merchandise. You must notify Derive of your desire to return defective merchandise within the applicable warranty period, and you must return the defective merchandise to Derive within two (2) weeks of such notice. Items must be returned in the  original manufacturer's packaging. We strongly recommend you inspect your merchandise promptly upon receipt, and keep your packaging until you are satisfied that the merchandise is not defective. Once your return request is processed, and is verified to meet the basic criteria below and verified to be defective and covered by Derive’s Limited Warranty for such merchandise, your replacement merchandise will be sent to you in a reasonable period of time, depending on replacement merchandise availability.

You are responsible for shipping costs for merchandise returned during and after the applicable warranty period, except in the following instances: (1) If Derive’s Technical Support Department is contacted within the applicable warranty period and subsequently issues you an RMA for a defective product, you are responsible for the shipping costs for returning the merchandise to Derive’s Technical Support Department and, once the item is repaired or replaced, Derive will be responsible for the shipping costs for shipping the merchandise to you in the same freight manner (Ground, Next Day, etc.); (2) If Derive’s Technical  Support  Department is contacted within the applicable warranty period and subsequently verifies that your merchandise was defective or damaged when initially shipped by Derive and covered by Derive’s Limited Warranty for such merchandise, or that there was an error on Derive’s part related to your Order, then Derive will be responsible for the ground shipping costs for your return of such merchandise to Derive, and the ground shipping of the repaired/replacement merchandise to you. For any returns after the end of the applicable warranty period, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

The risk of loss for the merchandise being returned to Derive shall be with you at all times during the shipment of such merchandise. Title to the merchandise being returned will remain with you at all times and transfer from you to Derive, only upon receipt of the merchandise by Derive.

Returns must be received in good, unused condition in order to be accepted. If items are not received in re-salable condition, they may not be accepted or refunded. Unless due to an error on our part or if the merchandise was defective when shipped by us, the return and refund will be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee to cover the costs of packaging, labor, and credit/debit card fees we have incurred.

Incorrect or defective merchandise cannot be returned without following all of the procedures set forth below.  Defective merchandise that cannot be repaired by Derive can only  be returned in exchange for the exact same merchandise or, at Derive’s sole discretion, the purchase price can be refunded to the original method of payment you used for the purchase. Derive will not accept returns of merchandise based on damage or shortage claims that are not noted by the delivery service and reflected on the bill of lading (or otherwise reflected in a damage report) created at the time of delivery.        Replacement items will be sent to the original

"ship to" address upon receipt of the original item at our Technical Support Department, as long as the item is still in stock.  Should a replacement no longer be available, you will be notified  that a refund has been issued instead.

Defective merchandise must be returned to Derive in original packaging and in good condition. If you follow the procedures described below, upon the return of merchandise which Derive finds to be defective, Derive will, at no cost to you, ship a replacement. Derive may, in  its sole discretion, issue you a refund in lieu of replacing defective merchandise in which case Derive will refund your purchase price, less the original shipping cost, less a 25% restocking fee. Please contact our Technical Support Department (for SCT branded merchandise: (407) 774- 2447; for Bully Dog branded merchandise: (940) 783-9915) to discuss any questions you have regarding defective merchandise.

If your return of defective merchandise fails to meet the applicable criteria listed below, or is otherwise not verified as being covered by Derive’s Limited Warranty for such  merchandise, the merchandise will be returned to you at your cost. All requests for repair and/or return of defective merchandise must include the following at the time of return:

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number, which is obtained by calling our Technical Support Department (for SCT branded merchandise: (407) 774-2447; for Bully Dog branded merchandise: (940) 783-9915), and will be issued by them after verifying the problem with the merchandise cannot be remedied without returning the merchandise for repairs.
  • Original shipping packaging (original box, packing materials, )
  • Original packing slip and UPC barcode
  • Purchase receipt, or other satisfactory proof of purchase date
  • The returned merchandise must be complete and include all parts
  • Manufacturer documentation (manuals, warranty cards, registration information, etc.)

Please write the RMA on the address label used to return the defective merchandise to Derive.  The RMA must not be written on the original manufacturer’s packaging or box.

Derive will not issue an RMA without you first diagnosing the problem with our Technical Support Department. You may diagnose a problem by contacting our Technical Support Department via phone (for SCT branded merchandise: (407) 774-2447; for Bully Dog branded merchandise: (940) 783-9915) or email ( Many issues with the devices can be resolved with diagnosis and repair in the field. If you choose to correspond by email, please provide an accurate description of BOTH the product and the product problem to the technician who is processing the RMA. If you choose to contact the Technical Support Department by phone to diagnose the problem, then please make sure you have the device present and a computer available in order to be efficiently diagnosed.

After verifying that the problem with the device cannot be remedied without returning the merchandise for repairs, the Technical Support Department will issue you an RMA. You must keep a copy of this number for your records as well as clearly mark the RMA on the outside of the shipping box. If the RMA number is not written on the outside of the box the shipment will be refused. Once Derive receives the device, the issue will be verified and the device will be repaired and returned to the address specified in the RMA. Customary turnaround time is 7 to 10 business days from date received. If there are multiple items being sent for repair, please be sure to label each item indicating the problem.  If service fees for a repaired device are not paid   within 30 days of such repairs, the device will become the property of Derive and you will no longer have any rights to such item or any replacement thereof.

Any warranty repairs on, or warranty replacement of, defective merchandise shall extend the applicable warranty by an additional 60 days following such repairs or replacement.

Fees associated with repairs for Tuning Devices with a valid RMA:

  • Unlock a VIN Locked Tuning Device: $150.00
  • Reset changes on Tuning Device: $65.00
  • Out of warranty repair on Tuning Device: $100.00

Please contact our Technical Support Department via phone (for SCT branded merchandise: (407) 774-2447; for Bully Dog branded merchandise: (940) 783-9915) or email ( to determine any other fees that may apply to repairs or returned merchandise.